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Field Head Farm: Events & Meetings

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Anna & Mick at Field Head Farm, offer a private peaceful spaces within the 18th century barn and around the grounds for your meetings or seminars. A family run venue that has the flexibility to tailor the facilities to meet your business needs and group requirements.

The picturesque rural position and characterful barn is an ideal setting to host your event and provide a unique location to motivate and inspire your team or group.

If you haven’t already booked at Field Head Farm you really should. Anna & Mick have developed a fantastic site with a beautifully converted barn, an onsite lake, outdoor fire pits, a BBQ area and much more. Field Head Farm near Uttoxeter in Staffordshire offers an event location like no other.

To enquire or book a this wonderful venue, please visit :

Once the venue is booked you can then add on a host of activities to enhance your experience.


Each of our activities run for approx 90mins, include all the necessary equipment and are delivered by fully qualified and experienced coaches.

Target Sports (Archery & Axe throwing)

Are you the next Robin Hood or Maid Marion? Or is Viking Warrior more your style? If so, then Archery or Axe Throwing sessions are just what you’re looking for!

Why not try your hand at possibly one the oldest arts still being practiced today. Archery and Axe Throwing has been a source of passion for hunting, battle and games throughout history, so step back in time and imagine yourself as a hunter or a warrior in battle.

Use the purpose made targets to accrue competitive points against one another, try to pop balloons or pierce apples to prove your accuracy, or even pin up pictures of your arch-nemesis, ex’s or in-laws for a bit of harmless fun and stress relief.

Archery & Axe throwing session are run as separate activities and generally suitable for groups up to 10-12 people, with 2-3 people throwing/shooting at once, if your group is larger than this you can have an additional activity running at the same time or have two sessions running back to back. Either way you’ll have a fab time.

Tag Archery

A modern fun twist to regular archery, Tag archery is an adrenaline filled, fun, dynamic and energetic group activity the combines the accuracy of Archery, the strategy of Paintball and the agility of Dodgeball.

Ideal for groups of 10-20 players, you will embark in scenario based games to hunt, capture and eliminate your opponents, but fear not; the foam tipped arrow heads and tactical face masks will protect you from any serious harm.

Paddleboarding (SUP)

What a fun way to enjoy your stay, using the onsite lake to relax or splash around. You will have fully qualified and experienced coaches on the water with you to provide safety & guidance and we’ll provide all the equipment you need – just bring some spare clothes and a towel for afterwards.

Paddleboarding is limited to 15 participants per session, if your group is larger than this you can have an additional activity running at the same time or combine SUPS & Kayaks in one session to accommodate groups upto 25.


NEW for 2024, we can now offer kayaking. Our kayaks are solo craft, super stable and easy to paddle. Enjoy a gentle relaxing paddle around the onsite lake, or engage in fun games and activities led by our Qualified and experienced coaches.

We can accommodate upto 20 people per session and all equipment is provided.


Raft building is a fun and interactive session suitable for groups up 24, using up to 3 rafts. The challenge is to take to the water by building your own floating vessel, from limited materials (you can create your own design for added problem solving, or have the instructor lead you). Raft building is often chosen for its fun and competitive nature with an additional team bonding experience – pick your team wisely.

Bushcraft Skills

For a slightly more relaxed atmosphere suitable for small and large groups, why not get back to basics with some bushcraft skills. With the help of our instructors you can learn and practice…

  • Fire Lighting
  • Natural Shelter Building
  • Camouflage/Concealment
  • Tracking/Hunting/Trapping
  • Knife Skills
  • Water Purification
  • Fireside Bread Making (Bannock Bread)
  • Wilderness Cooking

The emphasis here is to get back in touch with nature, use what you have around you and share life in the moment with those around you. Don’t worry, you still have your fabulous Tinkers Bell’s Glamping Site within walking distance to get a warm cosy sleep at night.


Why not add a little ‘Me Time’ to your event with an outdoor Pilates session. Our expert Pilates instructor will guide you though the session, to ensure you have a fun and safe time – theres no need to be experienced as the session will be tailored to your group.

We will utilise the beautiful surroundings of Field Head Farm to capture the relaxing nature of Pilates – could there be a nicer way to start or end your day!

A Pilates session can cater for any size group and lasts for approx 90mins and we will provide mats to work on.

SUP Pilates

Ready to spice up the Pilates experience, lets try it on a paddleboard!

Our Pilates instructor will take you onto the beautiful onsite lake to provide a fun and interactive Pilates session – This is a perfect session for the Pilates Pro’s and for those looking for a unique way to have some fun and laughter.

Sessions are approx 90mins and we can accommodate up-to 10 participants in one session. If your group is larger than this we can can organise 2 or more sessions back to back to ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate – and lets be honest, the chances are this could be a great spectator event!

If you would rather not have some of your group spectating, we can run two different sessions simultaneously so everyone is involved in an activity at the same time.

Willow Workshops

Willow workshops are fun, creative and informative. Ellen, our expert willow master, will empower your group to create a beautiful, unique willow piece to take home with you. You’ll get step by step instructions with demonstrations of techniques and one to one support for anyone who needs it.

Willow workshops are perfect for groups that want something a little therapeutic & relaxing, either as a single activity or in combination with one of our other activities.

Willow workshops are approx 90mins and can cater for an entire group (24+).

Watercolour Workshops

View of the onsite lake at field head farm – home of your Hen Party

As well as being a fabulous adventure sports instructor, Ann Tottle is also a very experienced Watercolour Artist and will be your tutor for these painting sessions.

These sessions are aimed at achieving an enjoyable group experience whilst providing personal development and suitable for everyone. The coaching is tailored to individual needs, so everyone can achieve some artwork to take home and you’ll not need any prior experience.

This is a perfect activity for groups that want something a little more therapeutic & relaxing, either as a single activity or in combination with one of our other activities. Sessions are approx 90mins.

All materials and references are supplied for the sessions – if there is a specific reference you would like your group to work from (such as Flowers or Landscapes for example) please let us know as soon as possible to ensure this is available and achievable for you.

Due to the personalised nature of the Watercolour Workshops group sizes will be limited to 10 people per session. This is to ensure that everyone has the space and time to enjoy the process and is able to get the support you need from Ann.

Need more information?

If you need any more information on any of our services , or have any questions at all please please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email


If you’re ready to book your activities, please see below for booking information and a link to the booking form.

Book NOW to avoid disappointment

With 2023 sold out by March we we strongly suggest getting your 2024 bookings in early! If you have a stay planned & booked with Hencamp or a corporate event at Field Head Farm, please get in touch. We can accept a booking with a 20% deposit, the balance will not be due till 8 weeks before your event.

Value & Booking

We offer a bespoke service to you and your group, we do this to ensure you get exactly what you want from your stay at Tinkers Bell’s. If you already have a specific plan in mind we can look to facilitate that, or if you need to discuss options and work together to plan your adventure that’s ok too.

Once a bespoke plan has been created you will be invited to book by paying a 20% deposit, with the balance being due 8 weeks before your event.

We are a bespoke service so will tailor the event to you and your final booking price will reflect this, but you can use the following as guidance:

1 activity – £35pp

2 activities- £45pp

3 activities- £50pp
Each activity session is approx. 90mins in duration.

Costs include set up, all necessary equipment, your instructors for the event and Public Liability insurance.

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