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Getting back to basics and enjoying time outdoors can really help reset the body and mind. Just being amongst nature can have a huge impact on your physical and mental health.

Bushcraft activities promote the development and use of a wide range of skills and knowledge in order to survive and thrive in the outdoors in the most ‘natural’ way possible. We will discuss and utilise a combination of primitive tools and methods alongside more modern variations.


Guided by very experienced and qualified Bushcraft practitioners you will embark on a historical journey, exploring the many primitive survival ideas and techniques once used to survive and thrive in the world. We can offer primitive skills demonstrations and tuition including:

  • Fire
  • Natural Shelter Building
  • Camouflage/Concealment
  • Tracking/Hunting/Trapping
  • Primitive Tools/Weapons
  • Animal Butchery
  • Knife Skills
  • Water Purification
  • Natural Cordage
  • Wilderness cooking
  • Natural Navigation
  • Greenwood Carving

In addition to the primitive survival processes we also cover more modern survival techniques, known as prepping. Prepping is the use of readily available tools and equipment, including real tents, tarps, modern cordage and modern firelighting tools.

So don’t worry, whilst our instructors are super geeks in all things Bushcraft and love to tell stories and impart their wisdom, they are extremely fun and friendly, so even if you or your group has little to no interest in the historical element of Bushcraft you can still enjoy the activities. Our Bushcraft sessions are hands on and interactive, you’ll often leave with something you have created yourself as a memento.

A benefit of being a remote and bespoke service is that we’ll bring everything needed for your adventure to a location near you. We can, and have, run many courses at the family home, in school and in the workplace. All we need is an outdoor location (with landowners permission) and plenty of room for your chosen activity and group size. Its always great fun to run Bushcraft activities in a private area of woodland and with so many beautiful areas of our country available we’re convinced already that we’ll find somewhere awesome to run your activities, if you don’t already have a location in mind of course.

Bushcraft activities are great for individual getaways, fun family time and for school groups alike and are often paired with our other activities as part of a package. Popular requests include Bushcraft & Axe throwing; our favourite is combining Bushcraft with our Canoe trips.

Value & Booking

We offer a bespoke service to you and your group, we do this to ensure you get exactly what you want from your adventures. If you already have a specific plan in mind we can look to facilitate that, or if you need to discuss options and work together to plan your adventure that’s ok too.

Once a bespoke plan has been created you will be invited to complete the booking and payment online – then thats it your booking is complete!

From time to time we will advertise public group activities on our ‘booking page’ that you can book individual places on (for those who want a short taster session for example) – our public sessions are no less bespoke in that we will tailor that session according to the individual needs of each participant – why not see if there are places available now….Click Here to book!

Naturally, it’s impossible to advertise the cost of a bespoke service due to the many variables, but we have a ‘Price Guidance’ page that will offer some indication of costs – check out the Price Guidance Page here. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your requirements as together we will tailor make an awesome experience for you.