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Peak District Caving


Nestled into the rolling hills and landscape of the Peak District is a vast network of underground chambers & passageways. Caves carved out by water, over thousands of years & Mines excavated as far back as the Bronze Age (2000 to 1500BC). Both caves and mines (or sometimes the combination of both) provide the opportunity for adventure in a beautifully unique environment following the remains of ancient flows of water or in the footsteps of our ancestors. With no two systems the same, underground adventure in The Peak District offers a huge variety for all levels of ability.


From fairly simple walking routes through passageways and chambers, seeing unique underground mineral formations, to crawling and squeezing your way around in the dark with only your head torch to light the way, you can have it all. Or step it up a notch by tackling underground climbs, abseils and waterfalls and traversing around pools of water (or wading through it waist deep).

Underground Exploration is typically divided into two ‘Levels’ :

Level 1

  • Explore underground systems without the need for ropes and ladders (Ropes and additional equipment may be used as an assistance tool, but you will not be hanging off them)
  • Explore large open space or small tight squeezes, the option is yours (to a degree).
  • Suitable for your first ever underground exploration
  • A reasonable level of fitness is required (if you have any questions or concerns please contact us)

Level 2

  • Ropes and ladders may be used to explore the venue to its full extent
  • May include climbs and abseils
  • Perfect for the more adventurous / experienced 
  • Perfect for the more accustomed underground explorer
  • Perfect for a higher level of physical and psychological challenge
  • A good level of fitness is required (if you have any questions or concerns please contact us)

Underground adventures can be a little bit wet and a little bit dirty; in fact most of the time, so be prepared! An over suit is provided for you and will keep the worst of the mud off but underground is no place for white or expensive clothes!

A helmet, headlamp and wellies are all essential kit and will also be provided for the duration of your trip.

Value & Booking

Caving trips can last from just a few hours to a whole day. So they really can be tailored to you. Heavy rain and flooding can make some venues risky and therefore unusable. Last minute changes of venue may have to be made to keep your adventure safe and enjoyable.

We offer a bespoke service to you and your group, we do this to ensure you get exactly what you want from your adventures. If you already have a specific plan in mind we can look to facilitate that, or if you need to discuss options and work together to plan your adventure that’s ok too.

Once a bespoke plan has been created you will be invited to complete the booking and payment online – then thats it your booking is complete!

From time to time we will advertise public group activities on our ‘booking page’ that you can book individual places on (for those who want a short taster session for example) – our public sessions are no less bespoke in that we will tailor that session according to the individual needs of each participant – why not see if there are places available now….Click Here to book!

Naturally, it’s impossible to advertise the cost of a bespoke service due to the many variables, but we have a ‘Price Guidance’ page that will offer some indication of costs – check out the Price Guidance Page here. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your requirements as together we will tailor make an awesome experience for you.