Who and what is c2c-Outdoors?

c2c-Outdoors in brief:

When somebody takes the step to book an outdoor coaching package or activity, they are often aiming to move from their current situation to a new and improved situation, that might be by gaining further practical skills, developing themselves physically and/or psychologically or all three. They might even be taking the bold step of booking their first intro session for a taste of outdoor adventure.

A lot of outdoor companies offer a set product or package, that can be wrapped up in fancy words like Resilience, Confidence, Teamwork, Progressive, etc., making packages sound innovative and original. In reality, their activities are often set up the same whoever takes part and remain the same over months and years.

Working for various companies I saw this time and again and although the people, equipment and enthusiasm were amazing, I became disheartened with delivering packages that did not strive towards change in any particular area. I wanted to meet the specific needs of the individuals or groups and deliver something that would live up to and hopefully exceed the ‘life improving’ package that was being advertised. I wanted people to find a new spark in life.

Enter c2c-Outdoors, the company whose aim is to provide a tailor made, individual package that really will improve your life and facilitate the changes you want to make (or simply offer you ‘YOUR’ individual adventure – however that may look). Working for myself, I now have the freedom to individualise every session or event I run, to directly meet the needs of the person or group and to maintain an ongoing professional relationship to help you continue on your developmental journey.

Who am I?

Like most of us I wear many hats… I’m Phil, ex-chef, father of two, student in British Sign Language, level 6 qualified Outdoor Activities Leader and Coach, adventure-lover, dabble in MMA and a science & psychology fan.

I’ve been described as flexible, supportive, funny, open minded, re-assuring, compassionate, a good communicator and approachable. Some very big shoes to fill, but I try my best to live up to these descriptions! Check out my reviews to see what people are saying…‘Reviews’

My Background:

…(embarrassing photo alert)

As a child I was the least sporty person you could find and my first real foray into sport was when I was pushed (quite forcefully) into gymnastics at school aged 11…surprisingly I did quite well at it, winning gold medals in my disciplines at a national level and stuck with it for 5 years.

Later, I had the opportunity to try snowboarding at Tamworth Snowdome and it changed my life. It hit me that something had been missing in my life before now… Adventure. I started to practice regularly and even booked myself a few boarding holidays. Things were starting to make a shift. I went on to meet some outdoor fanatics who led me to try other adventure sports.

Throwing myself into my new love for adventure, I decided to make a complete career change and I went off to uni to complete an Outdoor Activities, Leadership and Coaching degree on top of a host of training and National Governing Body qualifications. This is no small undertaking when you have two (awesome) kids.

Starting c2c-Outdoors:

I volunteered for organisations such as the Scouts, non-profit activity centres and councils and was a member of The Round Table charity. I worked for various companies and organisations but felt certain I wanted to take a more individualised approach. I eventually figured the best way for me to maintain my own standards and ethics was to set up a business of my own.

Starting a new business was riddled with barriers and was a huge learning curve for me – I’d never set up a business, designed a website or advertised myself before. The outdoor sector is pretty small, and I felt some trepidation in putting myself out there as a new provider (rather than a freelancer), how would I be looked upon?

The whole process was very costly both in time & energy, and financially. I wish I could say this part was enjoyable, but I’d be lying, I found it very frustrating. In the end, perseverance and determination saw me through it and I am really glad to be in the position I am now. I’m fortunate enough to have been well respected by the outdoor community and support has come in thick and fast – friends, family and other professionals have welcomed me into this sector with open arms and have filled my life with unmeasurable kindness!

c2c-Outdoors – What do I offer?

c2c-Outdoors is essentially just me – owner, manager, web designer, finance, admin, coach/instructor, kit washer and organiser. I use freelance staff to deliver some courses/activities – but strictly ONLY use a select few individuals who I know well and who are qualified, experienced and reliable. My focus is on the comfort and safety of my clients – not just getting people through the door with cash in their hands.

Most outdoor activities can be accommodated for, so if it’s not listed, just get in touch. Some of the popular activities provided are:

  • Canoe, Kayak and SUP:
    • Intro sessions
    • Group coaching
    • 1:1 coaching
    • Led and guided trips
    • Expeditions
    • Personal performance awards
    • Professional courses
  • Professional courses:
    • FSRT
    • Paddleboard Instructor

What Makes c2c-Outdoors Different?


I individualise every activity, course and event, taking time to understand your needs and wants, always offering a bespoke delivery – not an off the shelf product.


Often other companies will use ANY freelance member of staff available to run activities, sometimes the companies have never even met these people.

I promise to only use high quality, experienced and qualified staff that I personally know well and have worked with previously. Our staff are representative of the high quality and individuality of c2c-Outdoors activities.

Mobile & Flexible

I have developed c2c-Outdoors with flexibility in mind, we are completely mobile and operate nationally, not one of our products run from a fixed location. This means whatever it is that you want we can come to a venue that suits your needs – axe throwing in Staffordshire, Canoeing in Scotland, Archery in Wales, Bushcraft in Devon….I can make it happen.

Advise and on going support

I believe that knowledge is power and I also understand that the world of adventure sports can be a confusing minefield to navigate through. I am happy to have a chat with anyone who’s looking for some advise or recommendations – you don’t even need to buy anything, i’m just happy to help. If you have been a customer in the past and just want to chat through some future options or clarify anything we’ve done – I’m here for you.

Clients with Fear/Anxiety

I’ve worked with, and had many successes with clients who have fears or anxiety around water, heights, etc. who want to work through their issues. The sense of achievement that the individual gets once they move through their fear and do something they previously thought impossible is amazing and just being part of their journey puts a smile on my face. It makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Those with significant or overwhelming fear or anxiety are still in good hands and can still get the service they need through c2c-Outdoors. I have close connections with other professionals in the field who can step in where needed to provide additional professional services to clients if they desire.

Who can benefit from c2c-Outdoors?

Literally any one who wants to experience or improve their outdoor adventures. Individuals wanting 1:1 coaching, stag/hen do’s looking for an exciting alternative, schools and youth groups wanting to add outdoor activities to their agenda and families wanting a unique bonding experience…the list is almost endless!

If you are a local volunteer group or charity, member of the OCA (Open Canoe Association) or BlueLight card holder please get in touch to discuss reduced activity fees.

How to Contact me or Book:

You can give me a call, text, Whatsapp, email, or Facebook message me with any questions or to make a booking enquiry. I also have a booking page, where you can book activities directly through the website….Book Here

Email –phil@c2c-outdoors.co.uk

Mobile – 07730405276

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/c2c.outdoor

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