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Target Sports


Are you the next Robin Hood or Maid Marion? Or is Viking Warrior more your style? If so, Archery & Axe Throwing sessions are just what you’re looking for!

Why not try your hand at possibly one the oldest arts still being practiced today. Archery and Axe Throwing has been a source of passion for hunting, battle and games throughout history, so step back in time and imagine yourself as a hunter or a warrior in battle.

Use the purpose made targets to accrue competitive points against one another, try to pop balloons or pierce apples to prove your accuracy, or even pin up pictures of your arch-nemesis for a bit of harmless fun and stress relief.

While many forms of archery and axe throwing still exist, you will be provided with modern, fully maintained bows and arrows or specialist throwing axes. This modern equipment is used to ensure your activity is super fun and super safe.



  • High quality recurve bows, and a high calibre of arrows
  • Traditional target faces
  • ‘Fun’ target faces
  • Overshoot netting will be provided for additional safety

Axe Throwing

  • Top quality, specialised throwing axes (replicates the shape, size and weight as an original tactical throwing hawk)
  • Purpose made, end-grain Targets (these allow for increased success and safety compared to many ‘Plank” type targets in use. End-grain targets are less likely to ‘reject’ the axe so reduces the chances of bounce back

Mini Axe Throwing

  • Perfect just for fun
  • An alternative for younger participants and participants who may struggle with full size axes
  • Requires far less room than regular axe throwing, so perfect for smaller homes/gardens

Archery, Axe Throwing and Mini Axe Throwing are mobile activities and all necessary equipment and safety features will be supplied and set up at a location convenient to you.

Given the appropriate space and venue, target sports can be set up indoors or outdoors and are suitable for most ages…height, strength and sensibility are the deciding factors, but typically all target sports are suitable for ages 10+ (approx).

Popular venues include Private Homes, Schools, Youth Activity Centres, Corporate (Business) premises, Festivals & Fetes.

Value & Booking

We offer a bespoke service to you and your group, we do this to ensure you get exactly what you want from your adventures. If you already have a specific plan in mind we can look to facilitate that, or if you need to discuss options and work together to plan your adventure that’s ok too.

Once a bespoke plan has been created you will be invited to complete the booking and payment online – then thats it your booking is complete!

From time to time we will advertise public group activities on our ‘booking page’ that you can book individual places on (for those who want a short taster session for example) – our public sessions are no less bespoke in that we will tailor that session according to the individual needs of each participant – why not see if there are places available now….Click Here to book!

Naturally, it’s impossible to advertise the cost of a bespoke service due to the many variables, but we have a ‘Price Guidance’ page that will offer some indication of costs – check out the Price Guidance Page here. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your requirements as together we will tailor make an awesome experience for you.