Booking Terms and Conditions


These Booking Terms & Conditions are designed to ensure safety, clarity, fairness to all parties and to ensure your experience is the very best we can provide. By booking any activity or event with c2c-Outdoors you agree as a Participant, Parent or Leader to these terms and conditions.

If booking an activity or event for a group, you agree as a Participant, Parent or Leader to ensure all parties receive a copy of these Terms & Conditions and also agree to these Terms & Conditions on behalf of those under 18 years of age.

Corona Virus
During the unpredictable times surrounding the Corona Virus outbreak and the resulting variations on services or permitted activity, we want to ensure that our customers make their plans with minimal financial risk.
If your activity is cancelled by us due to Corona Virus or Government Intervention a FULL refund will be offered.
If you cancel due to having to self-isolate, we will ask for proof and upon receiving proof offer to reschedule your event.

1.Booking & Payments

Booking and paying (in full or deposit) for a activity puts you in contract with us and you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions outlined in this document.
For a booking to take place and be confirmed you will need to fully complete a booking form and agree to these terms and conditions.
We reserve the right to refuse a booking, or to make changes to advertised prices until the point of payment for your activity. If this occurs, we will notify you and if you are not satisfied no payment will be required and the booking will not be confirmed, any reserved activity date will be cancelled.
For pre-planned and advertised activities full payment is due at the point of booking. For a bespoke activity full payment is due no less than 8 weeks prior to commencement of your activity. For activities due within 8 weeks of your activity start date full payment is required.
If you do not pay your balance within the above time scales, you may incur further charges in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. Payments can be made by BACS, Cheque, Credit/Debit Card or Cash.

2.Cancellation / Changes by you

Please be aware that should you, for any reason, wish to change the details of your booking, there may be an increased fee, depending on the circumstances of the change. If you are happy with the amendments and the increased fee, the fee will be payable in line with the terms above.
Should the change reflect a reduced cost, refunds or partial refunds shall only be considered at our discretion.
Should you wish to cancel the booking or make a significant change which greatly reduces the package you have booked, the following cancellation schedule will be used.

  • More than 10 weeks prior to the start date
    o Full deposit (or 25% of the total cost) will be retained
  • Between 7 & 10 weeks prior to the start date
    o 50% of the total cost will be retained
  • Within 7 weeks of the start date or during the event
    o 100% of the cost will be retained
    When making your booking, you agree to meet at a designated venue at a specified time. Failure to attend at the correct location or time, may result in your activity being missed and will be treated as a cancelation and be bound by the cancelation terms above.
    We understand unforeseen circumstances arise at times, so please contact us as soon as possible as refunds or re-booking is at our discretion and may not be offered.

3.Cancellation / Changes by us

  1. A) Should we make changes or a cancellation due to our inability to provide resources or staff, or when cancellation by other parties on your course / activity makes continuation unviable or impractical, we will inform you as soon as possible with suggested alternatives. Should these not be satisfactory or suitable for you, we will refund all the cost of your booking within 14 days. But we will not be held liable for additional costs, including but not limited to transport, parking and accommodation (see point 5, insurance).
  2. B) We will always strive to provide you with the activity/venue/itinerary stated on your booking, however, the very nature of the outdoor environment means that the weather and other unforeseen circumstances can often render this impossible.
    Examples of possible hindrances may include (but not limited too); water levels, snow, wind, landslides, road /river blockage etc. Any changes we are forced to make due to these or similar circumstances will be based on ensuring your safety and providing you with a quality outdoor experience. We will inform you as soon as we have made an assessment that such a change is necessary, so that we can arrange alternative dates/activities/venues /itineraries for your day/event/course that will be suitable for the whole group. Refunds are not provided in such circumstances (see point 5, insurance).
  3. C) If the agreed time or venue needs to be amended by us due to factors outside of our control (as described above), you agree to make every effort possible to adhere to the new conditions. If you are unable to attend at the amended time/venue, please discuss this with us as a matter of urgency, as none attendance will be deemed a cancellation on your part and be bound by the cancelation conditions above.
  4. D) If, due to unforeseen circumstances, we are unable to fulfil our contract with you, you will not be due compensation or a refund. This relates to extremely unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control which generally affect us all. These can include, for example, war, riot, industrial dispute, terrorist activity and its consequences, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, extreme weather conditions (which make normal operations impossible to continue or dangerous). Events like these should be covered by your personal insurance (see below) or deemed to be an acceptable loss under the circumstances.
  5. Risk

By making a booking for an activity (“the Activity”) with c2c-Outsoors LTD (“c2c-Outdoors”), I, the Participant, Parent or Leader, confirm that I understand and accept that:

  1. I am required to follow all instructions from c2c-Outdoors, its instructors, employees, or agents. I understand that if I fail to comply with these instructions, c2c-Outdoors reserves the right to suspend my involvement in the Activity and that I shall not be entitled to any refund of any amounts I have paid to c2c-Outdoors for participating in the Activity or any other costs incurred by me as a result of my having to leave the Activity.
  1. The decision of the instructor is final and binding, including any decisions made by the instructor to change the itinerary at short notice or suspend myself or a member of my party from the Activity and I will respect and comply with any such decision.
  1. I have provided accurate information to c2c-Outdoors about my experience and ability, and I confirm that I am a competent enough to participate in my chosen Activity.
  1. I am adequately fit and physically capable to undertake the Activity I have chosen and have no medical condition which would affect my participation.
  1. I am solely responsible for my possessions. c2c-Outdoors accepts no liability for any damage to or loss of my property whilst taking part in the Activity (except where such loss or damage was as a result of c2c-Outdoors’ negligence).
  1. I have provided emergency contact details to c2c-Outdoors and authorise them to contact that person(s) in the event of an emergency.
  1. In cases of emergency, I authorise c2c-Outdoors, their instructors, employees or agents as applicable to arrange any necessary medical or surgical treatments and to sign any required form of consent on my behalf. I accept that I am responsible for reimbursing c2c-Outdoors for any additional expense they incur on my behalf relating to my medical treatment or repatriation due to my injury, illness or other medical condition.
  1. There are certain risks and dangers inherent in taking part in the Activity, and that by the very nature of the activities I will be exposed to an element of personal risk over and above those associated with conventional non-adventure activities. These include the risk of personal injury and death to myself and loss of or damage to my property. I also expressly understand that I am under a duty to mitigate any risks to myself as far as is practicable, by taking all reasonable steps to ensure my own safety whilst participating in the Activity. Except as stated in paragraph 10, I accept full responsibility for these risks and I agree that c2c-Outdoors, its employees and agents are released from any liability resulting from my injury or death or any loss of or damage to my property suffered during the Activity.
  2. I will indemnify c2c-Outdoors for all losses suffered by them as a result of my behaviour, negligence or failure to comply with the terms of this Acknowledgement Form, Terms & Conditions or otherwise.
  1. c2c-Outdoors does not exclude or limit its liability for any liability which cannot be excluded or limited under applicable law including liability for fraud or misrepresentation or for any death or personal injury suffered during the Activity which is caused by c2c-Outdoors negligence.
  1. The laws of England and Wales are applicable to this Acknowledgement Form, and I expressly submit to the sole jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.


Although we have full public liability insurance, you should arrange adequate personal insurance cover for your activities and courses. You should note that many travel insurance policies exclude cover for certain sporting activities, so you should carefully check the terms of any proposed insurance policy to ensure that it meets your requirements.
It is also recommended that any losses that may occur outside of our product or service due to cancelation of an event or activity such as transport and accommodation be insured or deemed to be an acceptable loss under the circumstances, as no liability will be held by us for your expenses outside of the product or service you have purchased from us.


In the absence of any negligence or other breach of duty by us or our employees and agents, you will be responsible for any loss, theft, injury or damage to yourself, your own vehicles (their contents fittings or accessories) and all personal possessions.
In the event of a breach of this contract by us, we shall not be liable for any loss, damage cost or expense arising out of the breach which was not reasonably foreseeable at the date the contract is made, except in respect of death or personal injury resulting from any act or omission on our part. We will only be liable for loss or damage caused by the proven negligence or default of the company or its employees in performing their obligations under this agreement.

7.Health and Safety

It is your responsibility when booking to ensure that you and members of your group are of appropriate health and fitness to participate fully with the activity and in the environment associated with your booking.
For your safety and enjoyment, you must inform us prior to the activity of any medical condition / illness / disability (including medication which may affect performance) of every member of your group, so we can discuss your needs and make appropriate arrangements.
All participants should inform their instructor immediately upon feeling unwell in anyway during the activity, they then must adhere to the instructions, guidance and decisions of our instructors as they have specialist knowledge & skills and are committed to keeping you safe.
Alcohol, illicit drugs or other substances that affect your physical or mental capacity is not permitted prior or during activities, this includes effects that continue into subsequent days.
All participants must show respect to equipment / vehicles / buildings / other clients / neighbours / staff. Abuse or causing distress to others or loss / damage due to negligence will result in repair or full replacement costs. This may also lead to exclusion from activities / courses without refund.

8.No Smoking Policy

Smoking will only be permitted within the governance of the law and you agree to take home with you any smoking paraphernalia and waste (cigarette buds/wrappers etc).
Smoking will be strictly prohibited by us whilst you (or any member of your group) are in the company of our instructors, whilst in / around our kit / equipment or when doing so would cause a hazard to the local environment.

9.Important Documents

The individual booking the activity must ensure that all participants (including parents and guardians, for those under 18 years of age) have received copies of the booking conditions and all activity information & safety points prior to the event. Each individual participant will be bound by these terms.
Medical information, Group Details & Parent Consent Forms (where necessary) must be completed and returned at least 48 hours before the commencement date of the chosen activity, or at the time of booking if the activity is due imminently. Failure to complete and return these forms on time may result in participants being excluded from an activity without refund.

10.Visitors of clients

Please note that only paying clients have access to our equipment and services, and whilst it is acceptable for you to have participants along, we will not accept non-paying visitors to take part in the activity and will not take any responsibility / liability for those individuals.
Your visitors will not in any way or form distract or disrupt your activity, them doing so may result in a diminished or cancelled activity, under these circumstances no compensation will be considered.

11.Hire of equipment

When hiring (or loaning) any of our equipment, the participants of the booking are making a personal judgement that they have the necessary health, skills and experience to use this equipment safely in the environment / venue that you agree to use it in. We will not be held liable for any personal injury or incident that may occur due to your choices whilst the hire (loaned) equipment is with you.
Hired (or loaned) equipment is only to be used / moved / handled, by the named participants on the booking and must be used for its intended purpose only.
A hire agreement encompasses all of the details contained within this document.
You are liable for any damage sustained outside of normal use, loss or theft of the equipment while it is hired and in your keeping. Any damage / loss / theft will result in a charge for the full amount of the repair or replacement and will be payable within 14 days.

12.Service and feedback

We want you to enjoy your experience in the outdoors to its fullest, if you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the product or service provided by us, please inform us as soon as possible and we will take appropriate action.
Your feedback is most welcome, we especially enjoy hearing all about your positive experiences.

Feedback, reviews, complaints and general comments can be sent to:

13.Photographs, marketing & social media

Photographs and videos may be taken by our staff during your activity for Coaching & Educational purposes and may also later be used for marketing purposes. A selection of these photographs and videos may also be uploaded to our website / social media sites.
If for any reason at all you would prefer to avoid having your photographs / videos taken or displayed on our marketing / website / social media, please advise us accordingly.
All photographs and videos taken will be available to you at your request but will remain indefinitely the property of c2c-outdoors LTD and will therefore be subject to copy-write law.

By ticking the box you agree to accept the above terms and conditions on behalf of yourself and ann participating members of your booking.